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The magazine has been given a makeover in this 2021 year. Issue 134, the November issue, is coming soon. Following a strategic repositioning and a healthy organizational transition, Magazin’art is changing!

« Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes. »

– Lavoisier, Elements of Chemestry, 1789

You do not change an idea, a rich history of more than 33 years and a flagship product in the periodicals landscape by magic. The vision changes, the objectives evolve, but the same delicacy and the same concern for a quality product remain.

This passionate look at art embraces the journey of a company that began in 1988, under the ambition of a couple of aesthetes fiercely involved in the art world, a priesthood that has given birth to the Quebec expression of a printed know-how. This same talent has given birth to a sweet and proud feeling in the intimacy of homes across the country. A product that reflects who we are.

The adventure evolves, as each step before the unknown, in the meeting of the other, its way of expressing itself, of pleasing or displeasing, in historically situated codes.

Magazin’art offers you as always, the product of a local and international work. The mission remains, to make discover and open worlds of possibilities, unique and extraordinary expressions, of which the reader, this avid viewer, guides the horizons to come, our next lines to write…

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1-91 1/2 Rue Saint-Paul, Quebec (QC) G1K 3V8
Toll free: 1-800-641-9552